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Loud Resin

Natural ingredients can now be enjoyed in their freshness. Our selection of cartridges brings together freshly frozen cannabis extracts and high-terpene formulations and awaits you at the online Dabwoods shop. Loud Resin preserves the natural beauty of the flower combined with unique flavors to give each product its specific taste.


How about something extraordinary? Dabwoods x Runtz products are one-of-a-kind. Made with Gelato, Zkittlez, and other strains, they amplify the signature flavors – all available on the official Dabwoods website. Order pure disposables or blends with fruity ingredients to relish the moment.


If you can’t wait to switch to e-cigarettes, these tiny cartridges are ideal for the transition. They are pre-filled with liquid, so you only need to choose the one to inhale. Dabwoods pods are replaceable, so you can change them when you run out of the concentrate or want to try a new flavor. 

Starter kits

Have no idea which product to go for first? Buy starter kits to kick off without any struggles. Our sets for newcomers include a disposable device and a charger, so you don’t need to purchase them separately – just unbox and make the first puff. You can also stock up on wholesale items for extended use at discounted prices.

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